It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since Karinya Kreations Design Studio opened its doors. ??


I’m feeling so thankful for all my clients who have trusted me with their business journeys and visuals, and the Design Studios that let me support them when overloaded, as well as the other varied creative opportunities that came along over the years!

Unusual business beginnings…

It was an unusual beginning for a business, as it all started as an accident at the time! Originally I had planned to start a design business ‘when I was old’, however, a University friend and I were doing our Masters of Multimedia and she offered me to join her in a website project. However, it turned out we both needed ABNs (Australian Business Numbers) to get paid! And so, Karinya Kreations was born in 2002, just to get that first pay cheque. And, it has kept going ever since, predominantly only by word-of-mouth. Whilst originally only an extra job ‘on the side’, KK slowly become the central focus, and along the way I’ve kept updating myself with an array of short- and full- additional degrees and courses to ensure I’m able to provide up-to-date skillsets required in an ever-changing digital era.

Two decades later…

In the two decades I’ve been in business, it’s been a privilege to help clients bring their creative visions to life; from branding, logo designs and document design to book and cover design, packaging, personalised Word document templates and event & marketing collateral, plus so much more. Whilst I’ve seen a lot of changes over the past two decades, through it all, Karinya Kreations has gladly remained a trusted source for creative and personalised graphic design. Winning two international awards for Olga Sweet Treats and Harbridge Optimal Performance logo designs was certainly a highlight in the journey.

Kreative journeys and digital technology…

I do love being there to help small businesses go on a journey as we kreatively craft their brand identity or design their marketing and business collateral, and see their excitement as it all comes to life for their small businesses. I’ve been able to be part of clients’ growth, from start-ups to established small businesses and see their success stories firsthand. It has been immensely rewarding to aid in the unveiling of their businesses. Alongside that has been supporting Graphic Design Studios through my KK Design Studio Support (DSS), for overworked studios who need a white-glove service to help them keep up when they are overloaded or client-focused; even seeing some of them, like Intent Creative, go on to win their own awards for work I’ve assisted with! It’s been special to be an ongoing support to others in my own industry and provided a way to interact with like-minded designers when I can’t go out and work onsite. (On a side note here: I couldn’t be more grateful to the technology that allows us so much flexibility to work from home in a casual/part-time capacity to adapt to various disabilities and health limitations, thereby not missing out on part-time employment, dreams, and being part of society, even if predominantly remotely. It is important we keep making sure even isolated people don’t have their skills and passions go to waste!)

Looking ahead…

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, I’m excited to see that I’m getting greater clarity on what I want Karinya Kreations to be about for the next stages… and so I can present a little gallery of eight specialisations that KK currently offers and a peek into just a few projects from over the recent years ?

Next steps…

I’m definitely excited to continue helping small businesses, self-publishing authors, Studios and event planners achieve their design goals. I look forward to pushing the boundaries of graphics and creating visually exciting designs that capture our clients’ unique needs and attract their target audiences. I embrace providing a personalised service offering and am passionate about helping KK clients grow their businesses. I am honoured to have worked with so many amazing people and businesses over the past two decades and grateful for the trust they have placed in me.

In closing…

To celebrate Karinya Kreations’ 20th anniversary, it’s a time to reflect on all the wonderful opportunities that have come up over the years and to thank everyone who has been part of the journey. From accidental humble beginnings to a business that continues to grow, Karinya Kreations is a testament to the power of modern technology, passion and a touch of Karinya’s kreativity. Let us continue to look forward to the exciting ventures that lie ahead, and celebrate all the successes that have come before. Here’s to another 20 years of kreative designing!

Do you have a design project you’ve been sitting on and haven’t allowed to shine out yet?! Then do get in touch with the form below, and let’s discuss what can make your kreative dreams come true too!

Cheers & smiles


ps. I dedicate this milestone to my beloved and missed Mum. I couldn’t be more grateful to her and how she literally supported my dreams and walked by me throughout every part of those years. I do wish she could have still been here to celebrate this milestone with me too. Thank you to my beautiful creative Mum, AnnaElly Sipthorp.

Karinya Kreations Graphic Design Studio celebrates 20 years

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