Feast at Home 2021

Welcome! Lockdowns are unpleasant at the  best of times… so I’m just offering a few items that can be downloaded to hopefully make your Feast that bit nicer; banners, schedule and bible games.

May you have a spiritually uplifting Feast, regardless of where you are.

Cheers & smiles,
Karinya xo

ps. this page is just an unlisted page (not in website’s navigation), but please do feel free to share its link with other brethren if you’d like to.

feast banner
feast banner

Feast banners

Print up-to A3 size and mount on foam or cardboard for a tabletop display.

PS. A lovely friend just told me they work great as computer desktop backgrounds too! 😀

[Files are stored in a Dropbox folder. You do NOT need a Dropbox account to access them. Use the buttons below to open in a new window, and -if required- just choose the ‘continue to the website’ option. You will then have the ability to download, print or save the file/s.]

Opt 1 – vineyard field

Opt 2 – snowy mountain view

Opt  3 – open mountain view

Opt 4 – river view

More might come soon depending if time allows!

If you have a type of theme you’d love to see, feel free to let me know!

FOT 2021 schedule

2021 Feast Schedule

A simple A4 Feast Schedule brochure. Print both spreads and fold in half; or just print the schedule alone.
Includes a Feast Find-the-Word on back page.
(Feast dates: 21 September to 28th September 2021)

Thank you for visiting 🙂