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Karinya Kreations Art

Five years ago I was stuck down simultaneously¬†with multiple illnesses, and then sustained a back injury. This was additional to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Lyme Disease I had already been battling since the age of 12 years old. I was once again forced into predominant isolation, in pain and having ongoing intensive treatment. Staring at the walls for days, weeks, months and then years on end, I decided that when I was functional again, I would start making ‘Happy Art’… art for people’s walls that when they are sad, injured or depressed would help give them something to smile at – even if only able to look at the walls around them.

It’s only been a few months that my back has been improving, and so I hit the ground running and starting creating. A lot is still in development as it’s been a steep learning curve of creating, protecting and mounting these creations. Simultaneously, they were accidentally united with the creation of jewellery and trinkets that are bringing me much joy to make too.

I look forward to ‘opening shop’ really soon and sharing my kreations with you. In the meanwhile, follow me on Instagram for regular sneak-peeks as my kreative journey continues to unfold!

Cheers & smiles, Karinya

Alcohol Ink Art

Posters, mounted art and greeting cards – COMING SOON!

Resin-Ink Jewellery

Necklaces and bracelets – COMING SOON!

Resin Art Kreations

Wall creations  РCOMING SOON!

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